The VECTOR Story

The VECTOR Virtual Coaching model was founded in 2018 by Dr. Amber Rowland, Dr. Marti Elford, and Dr. Suzanne Myers. These lifelong educators share a deeply-held belief that every child deserves excellent teachers, and every teacher deserves access to excellent support for the work they do.

The model was built during the founders’ work conducting and leading virtual coaching and virtual professional learning with PreK-12 educators. Amber, Marti, and Suzanne have worked as educators, professional developers and providers of virtual professional learning, state education agency employees and contractors, and as educational researchers. They continue to be grateful for all the fantastic coaches who have worked to provide unparalleled support to teachers and on-site coaches, as well as the important feedback they provide that continues to shape the VECTOR model and ensure the best possible experiences for participants and coaches.

Dr. Marti Elford

Dr. Suzanne Myers

Dr. Amber Rowland

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Implementing a Virtual Coaching Model for Teacher Professional Development

Implementing a Virtual Coaching Model for Teacher Professional Development addresses how to effectively implement virtual coaching in the field of education and discusses how technology can provide more equitable access to job-embedded and personalized professional learning (through virtual coaching) across all educational institutions. Covering a wide range of topics such as sustainable learning and cognitive coaching, it is ideal for professional development professionals, corporate trainers, education leaders, principals, teachers, researchers, practitioners, academicians, and students.