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Implementing a Virtual Coaching Model for Teacher Professional Development

Implementing a Virtual Coaching Model for Teacher Professional Development addresses how to effectively implement virtual coaching in the field of education and discusses how technology can provide more equitable access to job-embedded and personalized professional learning (through virtual coaching) across all educational institutions. Covering a wide range of topics such as sustainable learning and cognitive coaching, it is ideal for professional development professionals, corporate trainers, education leaders, principals, teachers, researchers, practitioners, academicians, and students.

Jim Knight

“Most of what I’ve learned about virtual coaching, I’ve learned from my research partner Martha Elford. Now, she and her co-authors Amber Rowland and Suzanne Myers have collaborated to put that knowledge together in publication so that everyone can access their collective expertise.”

Don Deshler

This book not only breaks new ground in how to provide meaningful and effective coaching via a virtual format, but it opens the door for ways that other traditional coaching models can be modified and enhanced by applying the principles so clearly described in this book. Virtual coaching will continue to gain traction and wide scale adoption in the coming years. As this occurs, I fully expect that this book will become the gold-standard that is continually referenced for ways to optimize the impact of virtual coaching efforts.”

Supporting and Developed for …


VECTOR was borne from a simple goal: Ensure every teacher has access to an excellent support system and high-quality learning opportunities. Our team works with classroom teachers from PreSchool through 12th grade, from all content areas and specialties, in all geographic areas in the United States.


VECTOR coaching support was developed based on a request from school leaders to provide ongoing support and collaboration for their on-site instructional coaches. We support on-site coaches, and our VECTOR virtual coaches themselves maintain a well-connected, collaborative community of practice.


VECTOR also supports building and district-level leaders with collaborative coaching based on individual goals and local needs. Our leadership coaches are experienced educational leaders with training in our collaborative coaching methods.