VECTOR Virtual Coaching IS…

Intended to be voluntary at the participant level.

Built on VECTOR coaching philosophies and values.

Expect dialogue, collaboration, and co-creation of knowledge and ideas rather than an intense focus on fidelity of implementation of specific initiatives or strategies. The virtual coach is a non-evaluative partner.

Intended for participants with a GROWTH MINDSET.

Expect to think openly and reflectively about your practice and how you can be even better than you already are!


Expect to learn more about yourself as a professional through analysis of evidence such as, video you capture and share, student work samples, etc.

VECTOR coaches are experienced virtual coaches who are certified educators with backgrounds in a variety of content areas and specialties including, but not limited to:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies/History Administration
  • Online Teaching and Learning Project-Based Learning Instruction for English Learners
  • Family Engagement
  • Special Education Autism

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help coordinate an effective personalized coaching system? We would love to work with you.

VECTOR© Commitment to Members

  1. Understand the goals of the client and ensure they align with the VECTOR vision.
  2. We are very authentic-we do what we do, if you want to do that, let’s work together.
  3. Very high expectation of trust and confidentiality between the coach and coachee.
  4. Commitment to “client” success (i.e., reaching their goals).
  5. Willingness to uncover and confront barriers.
  6. Committed to a pricing structure that appropriately acknowledges the level of work and commitment from all parties (e.g., districts, schools, coaches, VECTOR leaders)
  7. All coachees are willing participants. Not coerced, no threat, no risk. VECTOR does not exist as an administrative proxy, nor as an evaluation tool, nor as a mode for collecting evidence for the purposes of evaluation or termination.

VECTOR© Virtual Coaching is committed to providing universal access to supportive, collaborative, ongoing, job-embedded professional learning to any educator who wants it, in order to uncover the potential of every child in every classroom. In order to fulfill this commitment, VECTOR© has a variety of flexible options for you to consider.

VECTOR© Virtual Coaching takes pride in the virtual coaches on our staff. Our coaches are rigorously vetted for their expertise, years of educational experience, philosophy of coaching, virtual presence, and overall demeanor. Coaches and coachees will be match-paired based on content area expertise, grade-level experience, career phase (i.e., early service, mid-career, veteran), and specific needs.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of system-wide support for comprehensive coaching. To this end, we host administrative orientation sessions, distribute biennial, non-evaluative reports of coaching progress, and provide easy access to the VECTOR© leadership team to ensure the program runs smoothly for your entire system.

Coaching Support for your Staff

Our cadre of VECTOR coaches will work with your staff, either individually or in teams. Both of these options include:
• Synchronous online coaching (15 sessions/year OR 7
• Personalized professional learning • Data-informed goal setting
• Job-embedded, on-going iterative instructional change focused on student learning
• Asynchronous online coaching via web tools • Use of the VECTOR© Virtual Coaching model


One-on-one collaborative coaching for teachers, coaches, and administrators using the VECTOR model.


Small group collaborative team coaching for groups of 3-6 teachers, coaches, or administrators using the VECTOR model.

Support for Coaching Virtually

We offer two opportunities to support your virtual coaching needs – our VECTOR Network Collaborative, and our VECTOR Coaching Academy. Choose the model that works best for you.

VECTOR Coaching Academy + Ongoing individual support

Sustainability in professional learning efforts is a hallmark of VECTOR Virtual Coaching. Participants in the academy commit to participating in on-going, job embedded professional learning with the intent of becoming virtual coaches themselves. The coachee is coached by a VECTOR virtual coach using the VECTOR model. The focus for participants is learning how to coach whilst still working full time for a school district. By the end of the Academy, the coachee will graduate from the VECTOR Virtual Coaching Academy and the district will have an in-house virtual coach.

VECTOR Network Collaborative

Large group collaborative (20-30 coaches from different districts) facilitated by VECTOR veterans. Monthly meeting themes revolve around hot topics in virtual coaching and respond to member demand. Meetings have a set protocol that ensures relevance, rigor, and contributions from all members. These are uplifting, informative opportunities for coaches to get rejuvenated and stay current in best coaching practice.
*All of the VECTOR Virtual Coaching options above can be completed by an individual or through a school district affiliation. All of these options also yield professional development credits and/or college credit.

Educator support & collaboration.

Virtually Everywhere.