Educator support & collaboration.

Virtually Everywhere.

Flexible Scheduling

Targeted, personalized professional learning

Personalized goal-setting


Data review/analysis support

Personalized growth and development for existing staff members

Affordable access to one-on-one coaching

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Supporting and Developed for …


VECTOR was borne from a simple goal: Ensure every teacher has access to an excellent support system and high-quality learning opportunities. Our team works with classroom teachers from PreSchool through 12th grade, from all content areas and specialties, in all geographic areas in the United States.


VECTOR coaching support was developed based on a request from school leaders to provide ongoing support and collaboration for their on-site instructional coaches. We support on-site coaches, and our VECTOR virtual coaches themselves maintain a well-connected, collaborative community of practice.


VECTOR also supports building and district-level leaders with collaborative coaching based on individual goals and local needs. Our leadership coaches are experienced educational leaders with training in our collaborative coaching methods.